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HISTORY: Geoff Stocker established his eponymous label after parting with a previous partnership, seeking full control over the design and direction of the brand.

SIGNATURE STYLE: With a penchant for the unexpected, the brand features lots of colour throughout its collection of silk accessories, which typically take on a linear design. Geoff Stocker established his eponymous menswear brand in 2014, breaking out of a previous partnership to gain full control over his next project. Specialising in printed silk accessories, the brand is typically aimed at city goers and ‘dapper gents’ aged between 20 and 70.

Design influences range from Celtic and Mesoamerican cultures through to Cubism, Op art and Stocker’s own abstract digital painting compositions. Silk neck ties and pocket squares take on bold patterns and bright, contrasting colours.

The capsule pocket square and neck tie collaboration with men’s fashion blogger, Grey Fox, is only the start of further pairings. Stocker has just finished a bespoke pocket square design for men’s grooming brand Big Boy. In return, the grooming label will create a limited edition gift set featuring its own beard balm and a Geoff Stocker handkerchief.

Currently stocked in Seagate Menswear, Hastings, East Sussex, and the Royal Academy of Arts gallery shop, London, the average wholesale price is £27.30.

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