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With less than three weeks to go, the brand list for Moda has gathered pace with new arrives including Blend, Casual Friday and Gant amongst the signings.

Menswear is a key focus this season, as Moda Gent enters into a brand-new collaboration with leading industry title MWB Magazine. Kicking off with a brunch at the Hall 19 catwalk at 10.30 on Sunday, professionals from all aspects of the trade are invited to network, and take a fresh look at menswear from styling to sales.

Visitors will have the chance to attend an engaging panel discussion at 13.00pm on Sunday afternoon with award-winning brands and retailers. Led by menswear guru Carl Thompson, the discussion will reveal how to gain the edge in menswear sales, drawing on the experiences of renowned retailer Lee Wardell of Verb Fashion.

For the menswear brands themselves, this edition of Moda Gent brings with it a clear business focus with regards to boosting sales in the face of increasing competition from the internet and the high street.

“We are bringing Blend and Casual Friday to Moda Gent with a clear vision to replicate the business model that has already seen fantastic results and double-digit growth in other European markets,” says Ward Mann, country sales manager, DK Company. “We have a win-win mentality which offers retailers the opportunity for margin while giving the customer value, and we work with retailers to enhance their cashflow and keep newness in store – you won’t see our winter jackets arriving in July.”

Moda’s comprehensive brand offer will be complemented by an engaging new content programme, which for the first time will see workshop sessions available to visitors. Working in conjunction with Moda’s seminar programme, the workshops will allow visitors to book follow-up advice on a more personal level with the expert of their choice.

For any retailer who is aware of the power of micro influencers but doesn’t quite know how to harness it, 11.45 on Monday 19 february is the date to put in your diary. E-commerce expert Dan Conboy will look specifically at the power of micro-influencers, and give straightforward practical tips on how you can work with them to grow your brand and boost sales.

Outside the seminar programme, Moda will also host a live photoshoot workshop throughout all three days of the event. Visitors will be able to watch and engage as a real photoshoot takes place on-site, learning about the flatlays and photographs that transform each item into an Instagram winner, and ultimately tapping into sales via social media.

Moda takes place on the 18-20 February 2018 at the NEC, Birmingham. For further information visit www.moda-uk.co.uk.

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