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Carl Gross, the parent company of younger, trend-driven sister brand CG Club of Gents, has unveiled its latest development – Savile Row by CG Club of Gents.

Inspired by Britpop and British Mods, the new sub-line is designed to be “loud, rebellious and different.” With more premium fabrics, sartorial tailoring, eye-catching patterns and attention to detail, the 15-part collection features suits, jackets and waistcoats.

There will also be a range of matching coats, trousers, shirts and t-shirts. When it comes to colours, the Savile Row range relies on traditional shades such as classic blue, deep Bordeaux and British green in a variety of shades, while beige and ecru provide contrasting accents.

The s/s 18 CG Club of Gents collection is available to buy through Double H Agency.


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