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Following the success of its C/O Cheap Monday Capsule Collection, Swedish denim brand Cheap Monday is on a mission to make its entire offer sustainable.

In 2016 the brand started to proactively communicate its sustainability journey, installing textile collecting bins in storefronts across the world. Customers are able to leave old and unwanted garments and home textiles for them to be reused.

The first C/O Cheap Monday capsule range was a unique and limited-edition collection, handmade from old garments in the brand’s Stockholm studio – an initiative that will continue once a year.

Being a jeans brand, cotton is among its most frequently used materials. Taking into consideration the negative impact that conventionally grown cotton has on humans and the environment, Cheap Monday has been focusing on replacing it with eco-friendlier materials such as organic or recycled cotton.

Both its womenswear and menswear collections will see the increased use of recycled polyester, recycled wool and Tencel among relevant product categories.

The amount of eco-friendlier materials will be increased season by season, with an end goal of making the entire collection sustainable by autumn/winter 2018.


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