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Almost a third of British consumers (30 per cent) are worried about Christmas disappearing from the high street, with 39 per cent stating that shopping in bricks and mortar stores is very much part of the festive experience.

The rise of online shopping has hit the high street hard over recent years, but research carried out by e-tailer Christmas Tree World reveals Christmas helps drive more people to the shops.

Christmas sales and discounts, free parking and a good selection of shops were all cited as factors that would drive people away from online shopping and back to the high street.

Having a Christmas market on-site would encourage 29 per cent of consumers to choose one shopping centre or high street over an another, while specialist Christmas departments and food and drink outlets would have the same effect for more than one in five.

“It’s good news for retailers, shopping centres and even councils to that consumers feel so strongly about the Christmas shopping experience and want to see visible signs of the festive season on the high street,” says Stephen Evans, managing director, Christmas Tree World.

“Nearly all of those surveyed will do some element of their Christmas shopping in a physical store, so not only will embracing Christmas attract more consumers to one shopping destination over another, but as data shows, it’s likely to encourage them to spend more while they are there,” he adds.


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