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It sounds cliché, but men don’t enjoy shopping as much as women do. For women, it’s an enjoyable experience that typically takes place with friends and can often incorporate other leisure activity, such as lunching together or going to the cinema. However, their male counterparts don’t always have the same outlook when it comes to their shopping trips; instead, they’ll often prefer to find the item that fits their brief as quickly as possible.

Retailers must consider how best to keep their male shoppers engaged and, importantly, willing to part with their hard-earned cash. Male shoppers are fixated on reliable customer service, a clear layout, and clear pricing and sizing, with many male shoppers doing their research to check if they’re getting the right price before making a purchase. Therefore, the key to giving them their ideal shopping experience is through value for money.

Building a strong brand connection, both digitally and physically, is essential and virtual or augmented reality are great ways to do this. Providing shoppers with a memorable in-store experience is a sure-fire way to encourage repeat custom and brand loyalty – whether it’s showing seemingly mundane products in a real world setting or offering them something fun to do while they queue, there are clever ways to subtly convert shoppers into ‘brand ambassadors’.

When it comes to store layout for the men’s section, keep it simple to ensure an easy customer journey. Shoppers want to find what they need quickly and don’t want to be obstructed by fancy promotional displays. Likewise, use ‘masculine’ materials for fittings, such as glass, metal and brick and, if using a pattern, stick to subtle, neutral colours.

Generally speaking, along with layout, lighting also plays a key role in attracting male shoppers. Men’s stores tend to have low energy LED lighting and feature muted colours, so bringing in strong lighting on signage and merchandising displays can create a masculine look that stands out from competitors.

Stuart Geekie, managing director at HMY Group (UK), provider of bespoke retail fit-out solutions. For further information about HMY, visit www.hmy-group.com/uk-en/home.


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