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This autumn the shopping area of St James’s, Mayfair, welcomes a series of emerging and contemporary brands, with pop-ups from MR PORTER, Norwegian Rain and Grenson.

St James’s holds iconic status as one of the homes of craft, specifically in classic menswear. Marrying this with modern day services such as Grenson:Lab made-to-order and MR PORTER’S online next day delivery, the area offers a new wave of retail to complement existing and established brands.

Last month saw MR PORTER, the award-winning online menswear destination, along with Marv and Twentieth Century Fox opened the world’s first Kingsman shop to celebrate the second Kingsman “costume to collection” line and mark the release of Kingsman: The Costume Circle.

The Grenson Jermyn Street pop-up, meanwhile, will feature all of the Grenson ranges and services including the Archive and Triple welts, Grenson:Lab will be available on a drop-in basis, where customers can choose a shoe to be made in their choice of leather, colours and soles.

“We’ve wanted to have a store on Jermyn Street for a long time because in many ways Jermyn Street is the Savile Row for shoes and we have always felt that Grenson belonged there,” says Tim Little, creative director and owner. “I don’t know for sure but it’s almost certain that our founder, William Green would have walked up and down the street in the 1800’s presenting his shoes to the retailers of the time.”



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