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London based wholesale , retail and lifestyle company, Four Marketing, has partnered with New York agency, Archetype Showroom, to create an exciting and innovative fashion wholesale and marketing agency.

Together the two companies plan to bring an expert global perspective to men’s and women’s fashion in a curated NYC environment.

The new agency, aptly named, Four Marketing Archetype, will expand to encompass the entire second floor of Archetype Showroom’s current 676 Broadway home.

The inception of Four Marketing Archetype occurred when the founders behind each company recognised their like-minded ambition to grow select brands in a global retail marketplace. By working in concert, their diverse skill set, relationships, and working experiences can offer their clients a clear competitive advantage in today’s retail climate.

“We have spent time considering the best way to entered the important US market and we feel that partnering with the experienced and talents Archetype team gives us all the best possible chance to succeed in both a potentially fertile by immensely challenging market,” says Ben Banks, founder and director of Four Marketing.

Four Marketing Archetype starter roaster includes Albam, Freda Salvador, Gents, IWS, Maiden Noir, Maria Black, Nike Tang, Penfield, Perseverance London, Stine Goya, Stutterheim and Zespa.



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