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Belstaff will launch two new retail spaces in the coming month, continuing its global expansion in key markets.

The first opening is within Hankyu Men’s Tokyo, which opened yesterday (23rd August) – the fifth retail space to open in Japan in the last 18 months since the Japanese business launch.

The store space presents the new visual design of raw black steel rails and the new brighter, lighting concept to highlight products and materials. A bike table will take centre stage playing homage to the brand’s motor DNA.

This follows the successful flagship launch in April in the new Ginza Six complex. Belstaff launched in Asia in 2016 with retail spaces in Matsuzakaya Magoya, Isetan Shinjuku Men’s and a stand-alone store in Kobe.

The second retail launch on the 1st September will be the brands first stand-alone retail space in Canada, in Yorkville Village, Toronto, celebrating Canada as one of the fastest growing markets for the brand.

“Belstaff expands from west to east, with two new stores opening within months of each other,” says Gavin Haig, CEO, Belstaff. “With a first store in Canada, a country renowned for great outerwear and already a first store in 18 months in Japan, a market where we know the customer appreciates high quality and brands with authentic heritage, this shows our dedication to both markets. Both openings represent the future strengthening of the roll out of our strategy.”


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