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Learning his craft at the eponymous British design house Vivienne Westwood, Georg Weissacher stepped out into the world of fashion showcasing his own label POAN (Peoples Of All Nations). Victoria Jackson caught up with Weissacher to discover more about the menswear brand and the kind of man he creates his garments for.


Prior to launching Peoples Of All Nations, what was your background in fashion?
I had been responsible for Vivienne Westwood’s menswear, and was with the brand for nine years. What key skills or knowledge did you translate from Vivienne Westwood into your own brand? Simply everything. Vivienne and Andreas Kronthaler taught me everything I know about fashion and gave me a skillset and a method to achieve, translate and communicate.

And why did you feel now was the right time to launch POAN?
When something is so strong in identity, feels right and a clear vision of the future then it is always the right time.

Tell us a little about the POAN man. What are his characteristics?
I call him ‘The Modern Renaissance Man’: a man of the future with great admiration and awareness of his past. He is educated and cultured, kind and fun and that makes him already one of a kind.

What was the thought process when you were deciding on Peoples Of All Nations as a brand name?
That’s what London is to me: harmony through diversity. Differences are beautiful when they are looked upon without fear and with understanding.

In terms of wholesaling, are you looking at expanding into the UK market?
Absolutely, I consider the UK my home now. I have lived in London for the past 11 years and it is the birthplace of POAN. We have been selling in the UK since last year and there will be much more to look forward to.

What kind of reaction did the brand receive during Milan Fashion Week?
The reaction was great. Italians are a great audience for fashion shows; they love and live it and they are curious and ask a lot of questions, which I love.

What does the s/s 18 collection have in store?
I drew inspiration from a book called The Phenomenon of Man written by the French scientist and Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, which I took home from a monastery library when I was 19, I was fascinated by it then and it came back to me now, I find it incredibly relevant for where we are now. Based on this I have written a story which I’ll turn into a short film, where we will preserve our last Adam and Eve before embarking on our next evolutionary step.

Could you describe your signature style?
It must be my ‘wardrobe classics’ because they are made in the special knit weave technique and are fully coordinated in colours and range through all categories for a man and woman. It’s the best innovation on classic garments out there – they are just a dream.

The most treasured piece in your wardrobe?
Today: my freshly designed jeans. They are awesome. Early bird or night owl? Both come with entrepreneurship.

Favourite travel destination?
Everywhere, I travel a lot and I like to return to places and I like to discover new places

Favourite film or TV?
I find The Young Pope quite extraordinary.


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