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Today sees the unveiling of the world’s first ever Smart Street, giving us a glimpse into the future of the high street and what shoppers across the globe could experience in years to come.

Bird Street, just off Selfridges on Oxford Street, has been transformed into a traffic free, sustainable, innovative and experiential outdoor retail and leisure space.



There are pop-up shops featuring retail, fashion and lifestyle brands, as well as food and beverage, complete with exciting retail technology including mobile payment technology and incentivised selfie mirrors.

Bird Street is also partnering with a host of tech visionaries to showcase the sustainability potential of future high streets.

Pavegen, for example, will use their electricity-generating paving to power bird sounds and lights to create ambience and demonstrate how street paving could power future retail outlets’ lighting.



The Dandy Lab, meanwhile, is one of the launch brands for the street, showcasing the future of retail and consumer experiences, bringing together a curation of emerging independent fashion and lifestyle brands and utilising exciting retail technology including mobile payment apps.

Shoppers can also visit the CleanAir Bench, available to sit and relax in the space of fresh, filtered air accompanied by real time air quality monitoring technology displayed on the bench.

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