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CHIC, the fashion trade exhibition which took place in Shanghai earlier this month (11-13 October), attracted more than 65,700 visitors from all over China and abroad.

Split across nine sectors, including URBAN VIEW, NEW LOOK, HERITAGE and KIDS PARADISE, the show welcomed 815 fashion brands from across China, Europe, India, South Korea and America.

The prosperous market economy in China was noticeable at the fair, with more retailers than ever in search of higher quality garments and luxury collections.

The popularity of bespoke services throughout the show, meanwhile, was a direct reflection of the market’s need for individuality and customisation.

In addition, China’s intensive endeavours for a clean planet continue to play an important role in the fashion industry, with a “green theme” running throughout CHIC Autumn 2017.

Environmentally-friendly initiatives were launched by many companies, such as Fruit Dye, dying textiles without chemical additives and the development of a coffee carbon fibre produced from coffee residues. This topic will be continued at the upcoming CHIC in March with the introduction of the area CHIC GREEN, presenting eco-friendly fashion.

The next edition of CHIC Shanghai will take from 14-16 March 2018. For further details visit Chic online.



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