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British Land, joint owner of Meadowhall, one of the UK’s largest shopping destinations, has completed its £60m refurbishment of the centre. This marks the end of a two-year programme, during which £40m was also invested in store upgrades by more than 70 brands, including existing and new additions to Meadowhall’s line-up.

This combined investment of £100m has already made a positive impact on performance, with footfall on Black Friday up 8 per cent, making it the busiest on record.

Highlights of the refurbishment include the creation of four districts each with a distinctive character and offer, columns and bulkheads have been reduced or removed creating lighter, brighter malls, with new glazing, improved lighting and new customer seating added.

New brands added to the portfolio include Joe Browns, Diesel, Jack Wills, Flannels and Urban Decay.



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