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Statement Accessories is a brand new online platform designed to showcase the very best in independent accessory labels.

Offering niche brands from across the globe, including Rampley & Co (pictured), Simon & Mary, Ivy Watch Company, Adaptic and MYND, the website offers a plethora of products from hats, to jewellery to bags and much more.

Many products featured are made to order and limited edition, providing consumers with exclusivity often missing from other online stores.

“During a trip away, in which we spent time looking for jewellery, we were surprised by the lack of high-quality items that were actively available online,” says founder Samuel Hurley. “Finished with browsing website after website to little avail, we decided it was time to delve further into the world of men’s jewellery and accessories and have a real look at what was on offer.

“Shocked at the lack of variation and options out there, it was time to get out the orange bullet journal and put together a plan. We began approaching top designers based in LA, Spain and the Nordics and it was clear from our conversations that they felt they were underrepresented by major retailers and publishers. Many of them admitted that they were better with building and designing than they were with marketing and tech; this is where Statement steps in,” he adds.


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