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Scott Hufton From Owen Scott

Owen Scott Bespoke, a tailoring brand based in the heart of Huddersfield, has announced it will be stocking UFC Champion, Conor McGregor’s controversial suit with the phrase “F***You” woven into the pinstripe.

The Irish fighter wore the suit – which is made from cloth designed and manufactured in Huddersfield – at a press conference with opponent Floyd Mayweather, before the much-anticipated fight this weekend in Las Vegas.

Owen Scott has been given the UK rights to the cloth by the manufacturer, Huddersfield Fine Worsted (HFW), and will be stocking suits and accessories.


Conor McGregor F*** You Pinstripe Suit


Off the rack suits will cost £759 for a two-piece or £995 for a three-piece, while bespoke suits will start from £2,000. Accessories, meanwhile, will include ties and handkerchiefs.

“Huddersfield has a renowned reputation for producing some of the finest cloths in the world so it’s fantastic to see that a Huddersfield product has reached a worldwide audience and gained the recognition it deserves,” says Scott Hufton, owner of Owen Scott.

“We’ve been working with HFW to commision the same cloth used for McGregor’s suit and we’re really excited to be able to offer the suits to our customers. Our initial plan was to offer a beposke suit made in the cloth but having already recieved a number of enquiries, we felt it was necessary to make some off the rack suits as well.”


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