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With a strong sense of leadership, Arcminute founder Alexandra Kacovska Cipriani became aware at an early age that working to somebody else’s plan might not be for her. Drawn to fashion, in particular menswear, her journey brought her to launching her very own urban brand.

Taking inspiration from Ghana, where she was raised, as well as the streets of London, the brand presents an eclectic and interesting collection for the new season.

Named after a mathematical measurement, the range features urban streetwear and accessories from entry price T-shirts at £25 through to jackets at £300.

“It’s important to us that the growth comes from our own ideas and we grow organically,” says Cipriani. “We have a diverse sense of what fashion is and take inspiration not only from geographical backgrounds but also music. Every day is a learning curve, but the key for me is to have fun, align relevant artists across all sectors and create a brand new community,” she adds.

With four drops planned each year, Arcminute will be sold initially online via www.thearcminute.com, with aspirations to partner with larger online retailers and department stores.

Established: 2015
History: Established by Alexandra Kacovska Cipriani, the menswear label has undergone a new design direction set for the a/w 18 season.
Signature style: Menswear which draws influences from Ghana, married with London street style.



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