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Safe Skies wins infringement case

Safe Skies, the leading provider of regulatory agency-approved luggage locks, has won its long-running patent infringement case.

In December 2017, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, overruled a district court judge’s summary judgement that a rival company, Travel Sentry, was not liable for “joint infringement” of a patented method.

In the US, unless checked-in luggage carries a TSA-approved lock, which can be unlocked with a master key at customs, the lock will be broken if it warrants an inspection.

Safe Skies and Travel Sentry claim to be the only two US providers of TSA-approved luggage locks. However, Safe Skies founder David Tropp alleged that Travel Sentry has infringed two of the brands patents, which specifically relate to luggage inspection by using dual access locks, through the actions of the TSA.

“The recent ruling is good news not just for Safe Skies, but other entrepreneurs and innovators in the US,” says Tropp. “It helps to ensure that innovation across all industries is subject to proper patent protection and encourages innovation, which is good for manufacturers and consumers alike.

“With the additional business coming our way, as a result of this ruling, we expect Safe Skies’ volume to increase exponentially. That will have the effect of more Customs/Security organisations’ inspectors opening additional luggage locked with TSA Safe Skies locks. Our agreement with the US TSA has been in place for over a decade. Safe Skies invented the technology for dual-access locks. Luggage manufacturers and retailers have a significant interest in purchasing locks from Safe Skies, as we have the exclusive right to practice this technology,” he concludes.



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