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Scotch & Soda’s latest campaign follows characters trekking across frozen fjords, featuring models such as Jessica Luostarinen and Justine Geneau.

Directed by Fleur Fortune, the campaign – which includes a film online and in cinemas – is based in the lesser-known Amsterdam, located in the Arctic.




But why the 41-hour trek by plane and boat to an island on the 80th parallel? “That’s our Amsterdam spirit – one defined by resourcefulness – we resist easy if it makes for something more beautiful,” says the brand’s creative director, Marlou van Engelen. “We want to call out our city’s free-thinking; its stubbornly curious spirit – pay tribute to it.

“We found twelve other Amsterdam’s around the world; an entire ‘Atlas of Amsterdams’,” he adds.

View the behind the scenes footage of the campaign below.


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