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New British company Sewport has launched an online platform designed to connect manufacturers with fashion brands of all shapes and sizes.

Representing a modern solution to the garment production process, the platform aims to revolutionise communication between brands and service providers.

As well as benefiting established fashion brands, Sewport also caters for start-ups, guiding emerging designers through the entire garment production process via intelligent online tools. Through intelligent algorithms, it categorises the client’s project and determines the best manufacturers for the job.

“Starting production of clothes for the first time is a very steep learning curve,” says Boris Hodakels, founder of Sewport.

“We are removing complexity around creating a piece of clothing and improving lead qualification for manufacturers at the same time.

“Our team has years of experience in the garment production industry and during this time we have faced many struggles and observed how brands and manufacturers hit the same wall over and over again.

“We decided to address these issues and created Sewport, a unique space where anyone can turn their passion into products.”

Sewport can also enable the collaboration of multiple service providers on a single project.

Via a built-in multi-user chat room, brands can invite multiple companies to join a discussion. All communication and attachment exchange is then conveniently carried out on the platform, allowing manufacturers to pool their capabilities to satisfy a client’s needs.


This story first appeared on cwb-online.


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