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A brand new series of Crystal Maze is due to return to Channel 4 this month (June 23rd), hosted by Richard Ayoade, and includes a set of celebrity specials for Stand Up to Cancer.

British menswear designer Simon Carter has created the contestant costumes and host outfit for the entire series, spanning 20 episodes.

The design challenge was to create costumes that combines practicality and style to allow the contestants the freedom of movement needed for the show.

For the Maze Master, viewers will see a distinctive look to provides a modern edge to classic design, including brightly coloured cord suits, floral shirts and knitted ties.

For the Crystal Maze charity specials, the designer has created a dinner suit in cord, crafted in midnight blue. Designs for both female and male contestants are inspired by the famed and distinctive Le Mans racing jumpsuits.

Carter was chosen as the designer after dressing host Ayoade for more than four years.



“I’m thrilled to be involved in the show and to be working with Richard,” says Carter. “We have come up with a style that reflects his unique personality – a style that suggests eccentric geography teacher but with an enormous splash of colour.”


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