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When it comes to fashion, Scandinavian labels are top of the class at combining the commercial with the stylish – a winning formula in any retailer’s book, for sure. And Danish brand !Solid is a case in point. The brand has been going from strength to strength in the UK, with an expanding number of high-quality accounts and an equally growing consumer fanbase to beat. It’s easy to see why. Divided into three capsule collections, Urban Supply, Street Apparel and Denim Journey, !Solid offers the kind of versatility and breadth of styles that is broadly appealing, and the mid-market price points make the range accessible against high-street competition.

For Grant Ashdown, owner of Twoagentsee, which has been representing the label for the past five years, the mix of right product and right price is key to the success of !Solid.

“We are deemed as a mid-market menswear brand; as we are Danish we have that Danish mentality, so our entry price product is where our success lies. T-shirts start at £13-£22 retail; shirts £25-£45 retail; sweats £30-£50 retail and outerwear £35-£80 retail. There are many key factors to the success of !Solid; I put them down to how we can offer a brand with great product and great design at a high-street price,” he explains.

Part of the largest fashion manufacturer in Scandinavia, CNS Group, which also houses brands such as Tailored & Originals, Desires and Pep, !Solid’s infrastructure is second to none, offering a 24-hour b2b webshop, where stockists can order styles at their convenience and access bestsellers, special offers and express and NOS items, along with great marketing and POS support.

Design-wise, the brand is laid-back and fashionable, aimed at the 18-35 age group at the core, though its three universes each have a different proposition and appeal. Urban Supply is contemporary and casual, drawing inspiration from current trends across its 120 styles per season. Looks range from the Nordic to the refined, from simple, minimalist and sharp to sophisticated and detail-oriented. The 20-piece Street Apparel line offers highly trend-oriented items with designs featuring strong and iconic graphic elements. Meanwhile, with 40 styles, including NOS, Denim Journey reflects the original jeans spirit. Innovative fabrics, washes and details form part of the DNA, which embraces authenticity and the true indigo tradition.



“There is a huge amount of choice between the three lines, and buyers can buy as they feel is suitable for their store. Some go heavier into denim and some more towards the smarter side,” explains Ashdown.

!Solid is represented in more than 30 countries and also runs 26 of its own stores in Denmark and Norway, though Ashdown says that in the UK wholesale will remain the focus, with no plans to roll out retail any time soon. But that’s not to say that he’s not ambitious for the label. “!Solid has been performing extremely well for us, and the a/w 17 collection has just hit the stores of some new accounts, so we’re excited to see how this will go. Solid still has so much potential,” he says.

With eyes on growth, !Solid will be showing its s/s 18 range at this season’s Moda Menswear at the NEC, where it successfully debuted last season. “The only show in the UK for a brand like !Solid is Moda. We were very happy with the response from our first attempt and truly believe that continuing to show there will bring awareness to the brand,” says Ashdown.


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