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At a reception at the Houses of Parliament last night, the UK Fashion & Textile Association (UKFT) announced that it has become the Sector Skills Body for the Fashion & Textiles industry.

UKFT has taken over the management of current apprenticeship frameworks with the responsibility of both registration and certification of apprentices in England, Scotland and Wales and to work with devolved nation’s stakeholders, to ensure that National Occupational Standards and apprenticeship provision for the sector are maintained and developed.


Henry Holland and Holly Fulton


“With industry skills and training being a huge part of UKFT’s commitment to the sector, this is very welcome news. We are proud to take over from Creative Skillset, which has supported the industry since 2010 and we thank them for the achievements made during that time. It is extremely important to ensure the management and certification of apprenticeships and other vocational qualifications is closely aligned to the needs of the industry,” says Adam Mansell CEO of UKFT.

This is mirrored by Mark Froud, managing director of the Federation for Industry Sector Skills & Standards (FISSS): “We look forward to working with UKFT; being close to the employers is critical and they have their trust and respect. UKFT has a strong approach to ensuring that Apprenticeships and training are kept up to date in what is an increasingly fast paced world.”


Nigel Lugg, UKFT and Damian Collins MP


The transfer of responsibility from Creative Skillset to UKFT is now live.



This story first appeared on wwb-online.



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