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Presentedby is the UK’s first sneaker consignment store, which has opened its doors on Percy Street, London.

The store allows shoppers to buy, sell and trade in their trainers, alongside a customisation area and a sneaker cleaning service offered by Crep Project, including lace clean, upper clean and restoration.

“We didn’t just want to create a sneaker store, we wanted to create the ultimate sneaker store in the world’s most popular city, which meant not only having the most sought-after sneakers ranging from £100 – £100,000, and offering an *interest free credit facility for sneakers, but also having the world’s ultimate sneaker cleaning brand’s presence within the store,” says Ridwane Ettoubi, store manager. “Crep Protect’s market leadership in sneaker care and innovation was the obvious choice to collaborate with in providing a range of cleaning services catering to sneakerheads and enthusiasts, on its home territory.”

PresentedBy will return to Jacket Required for its second season in January 2018, following its successful installation showcasing limited edition apparel and footwear, which included a trainer claw machine where visitors could win exclusive sneakers.








Presentedby is located at 15 Percy St. Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1DS


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