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Woolrich has announced the opening of its Milan flagship store, focusing on offering its customers a “fully engaging experience.”

Spanning 700 sq mt of floor space, shoppers are able to learn more about the brand’s 200 years of history – which makes the brand the oldest label of American outerwear.



The lounge area, for example, boasts a museum display narrating Woolrich’s history through items and relics, which sits adjacent to a coffee corner and charging station.

Along the way, there are several areas conceived to directly engage consumers with the brand through innovative and personal experiences, in addition to the lounge area and complimentary wifi.



The custom area, meanwhile, is where a seamstress will support those who want to customise their Woolrich purchase, while the Techno-Premiere expert can advise on how to place studs, patches and embroideries on the selected item.

Inside the Extreme Weather Experience Room, where the walls are insulated and technology allows the store to main a cold temperature through an energy saving program, the temperature goes down to -20c in the winter and up to +5c in the summer to grant a real test of Woolrich outerwear in the server weather conditions for which it is designed.



Finally, the Green Area, towards the end of the store, is flooded with natural light that pours through a glass ceiling. Curated by Green Fingers, a Japanese gardening company founded by Satoshi Kamawoto, the space offers a unique selection of greenery and marks its first European location following Tokyo and New York.



“The end objective goes far beyond a mere selling experience,” explains Andrea Cané, global creative director of Woolrich International. “The Milan flagship store on Corso Venezia is about welcoming our guests, making them feel as if they were in a lounge where they are at ease and can enjoy services and experiences while listening to our story.



“Everybody on our team has been carefully trained and selected. Our clients can ask questions, explore, interact with highly knowledgeable staff – because the ultimate difference between online and offline lies within the people,” he adds.




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